Monday, November 05, 2007

Makin' a list...

... and checkin' it twice...

I've started thinking about the layouts that I need to get done this weekend. Wow! Talk about overwhelming!! Right now I'm uploading oodles of pictures to Costco so I'll actually have pictures to work with. Now that Ellie's 15 months old, I really should get her 1st year stuff done, but even that I'm way behind on. It will take a whole weekend just to compile my to-do list!!

Boy am I glad I have a blog, though! Basically that is my layout planner. I know which photos I want to use and more or less what journaling to go with them, plus I know when those things happened. So blogging is my scrapbooking lifesaver! Right before Ellie was born I made a ginormous list and worked through that to get caught up in the weeks leading up to her birth. That was a while ago. Time to start up the list again...

(in no particular order - and I'll be adding to it as I remember new pages that need to be done)

  • Crystal Flowers


  • That frown
  • First Plane Ride
  • Meeting Uncle Robert
  • Tummy Time
  • Fall Leaf Pictures
  • Good morning Sunshine!
  • Little Angel
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall
  • Mobile Watcher
  • Ellie in the Air at the Concert in Big Sky
  • Smirk
  • Screaming Foot at the Camera (I'll have to come up with a better title than this!)
  • Mommom and Poppy's Last Morning
  • Labor
  • Why we chose cloth diapers
  • First hospital pictures
  • Burrito Baby
  • Helping Mommy Unpack in TX
  • Reading with Poppy
  • Playing with Mommom in TX
  • Ellie's first ride in a small plane
  • Sleeping in Heavenly Peace
  • It was a Merry Christmas Indeed
  • First Solid Food
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Contractions!
  • TX Christmas
  • Ellie with Grandmas
  • So this is love
  • The world awaits
  • Great Minds Think Alike
  • Bar 3 BBQ with Dave and Tam

  • Trick or Treating
  • Ellie's Fairy Costume (maybe a mini album for these pictures?)
  • Car Accident*
  • Climbing to turn off the light
  • Fall Family Pictures (maybe a mini album?)
  • Conversation with Ellie about playing in my purse
  • Hat love
  • Mistress Mary
  • Leaves
  • Cheesy Grin (Say cheese?)
  • Peas
  • Rocky Creek Farm*
  • Apple Eating*
  • Ellie's First Trip to Yellowstone*
  • Grand Prismatic Spring*
  • Words (for various months)*
  • Reading to Ellie (Bedtime routine?)
  • READ (scraplift with Ellie in rocking chair)*
  • Ellie needs cookies
  • Grotto Falls in the Fall
  • Hyalite Reservoir in the Fog*
  • Little Monster*
  • Ellie with Grammee and Grandad*
  • Uncle Rob and Ellie*
  • Run Run Run!
  • Montana Girl
  • Ellie BELLY!
  • Nicknames
  • Ellie and Grandad
  • Early September*
  • Class Reunion*
  • The Tweaksters*
  • Dance (She's got music in her soul?)*
  • Hiking with Ellie (Lava Lake pictures)*
  • MSU Duck Pond*
  • Turkey Leg!!*
  • Papa-razzi*
  • My Shadow (poem)*
  • Blue Angels*
  • Ellie's Kitty*
  • Need for Speed (ski boat pictures)*
  • Angler (I love MT)*
  • Dara's Wedding
  • Cliff Lake*
  • Kayak Ride*
  • Ellie and Mommom*
  • 12 month stats*
  • 15 month stats*
  • The look.*
  • Let Her Eat Cake!*
  • Birthday Suit*
  • 1st Birthday*
  • Birthday Party*
  • 4th of July*
  • Ousel Falls*
  • Patriot Baby*
  • 1st Trip to the Zoo*
  • Bedhead!*
  • Playing the Piano with Lily*
  • Palisade Falls*
  • Fairy Slipper Orchid*
  • Little Mover*
  • 9 month stats(*?)
  • Sandpoint with LU folk
  • Li'l Friends Outfit
  • Drooling Machine
  • Smiley Girl on Maroon Pillows
  • Musical Table Love
  • Piano Player
  • KhKhKh
  • Christmas Coats
  • Push Ups
  • My Valentine
  • Cry Baby
  • Stolen Keys
  • How was your breakfast?
  • Sandpoint with the Claridges
  • Walker in TX
  • Salpingectomy/The Unexpected
  • Ellie and Mommom at Easter
  • Dopey McDopester
  • TV Addict
  • In the Yard
  • Lily
  • Broken Plant
  • Peek-a-Boo!
  • Vanity
  • Wii!
  • Curiosity
  • I know I'm cute!
  • Play with me Daddy
  • Pulling Up

  • Ellie's baby book*
  • Fall Family Picture Mini Album (I think)
  • Finish Weight Loss Album from this summer
  • Ellie's Friends Mini Album
* I still need to print pictures for these.

Okay... I'm going to stop here for today. I think I have plenty to work on! Ack!! This takes me back to the last set of pictures I printed (mostly) and some of the last layouts I did. The rest I need to do by looking at which pictures I've already scrapped and work on filling in the holes so I can get Ellie's 1st year book done! Okay... now to print some pictures!


lauren said...

oof you are *SO* organized...i think your "martha" is more than INNER, my dear!!! :) can't wait to see the LO's as they are completed, as well, the titles are terrific! & since those are the hardest part, imo, you're SET!

lauren said...

ps: sorry, but i thought of something and i really REALLY hope you will not be offended by my mentioning it: depending on the exact nature of the LO, "sleeping in heavenly peace" *might* have a subtext you don't intend. which is to say...ummm...i would be thinking the "sleeper" is...ummm...well...deceased. sorry! i just thought i would tell you that, just in case it's NOT what you mean! (sorry--please do feel free to delete this!)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Ha ha, Lauren! I had not thought about that! I don't think I'll change it, though... it's a reference to the carol "Silent Night" and goes with a picture of my dd sleeping in my mother's arms with the lit up Christmas tree in the background... I might include the rest of the lyrics in smaller print around the larger title, though!

Angie said...

That is some list you've got there! 15000 pics, huh? Wow.