Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fairy Wings!!

Ellie is a fairy for Halloween this year. She's all pink and tulle with pink sparkly wings!! Thanks to some inspiration from Martha I made the little fairy wings you see above. I made mine a little differently than the ones Martha did, but they work pretty well, especially for Ellie! They are made from 18 gauge wire and an old pair of tights Ellie ripped the toe out of. I'm sure I could have fixed the toe, but this was way better! The best part is that the waistband of the tights is what secures the wings to Ellie's shoulders. No sewing or cutting involved! Add a little glitter paint design and *voila!* you have a cheap pair of fairy wings perfect for Halloween!

1 comment:

lauren said...

OMG you are *brilliant* these wings are ADORABLE and what a fab photo!!! (you might need to add that one to the bi LO list!) (ok, maybe for NEXT year!) :)