Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Peas Update

Okay. I'm done pouting about the new site design. I've started to relearn my way around. So last night and this morning I...

.... updated my gallery!

In the process I learned that I still have a bunch of layouts to stitch together before I can post them. Erg.

And I want to scrapbook again. I haven't scrapbooked in... wow... um... since early August. I just looked it up. That's embarrassing. I seriously want to scrap.

In about a week and a half I have my craft fair, so once that is done I should be able to get back to scrapping. Real scrapbook pages - not just cards. I've been doing cards like crazy the last few months. It's time for a break. I need paper therapy.


Jenn said...

I just decided to "decorate" a tin to hold my bluetooth earpiece. Any suggestions? It is one of the hinged tins. Can I paint it? and do I need some sort of "primer"?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

When I paint tins, I don't use any sort of primer, but I DO use a sealant (paint on or spray on) like Modge Podge or other acrylic spray over the finished work to keep it from being damaged by keys, etc, in my purse. I personally am a big fan of using pretty paper to cover the larger, flat surfaces of the tins (lid, bottom, etc.) and running thin satiny ribbon around the lid edge... =D You should post a picture of the finished project - it's a great idea!