Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How do you like them apples?

Let me tell you about 'them' apples. Glorious. Wonderful. And all but rejected.

You see, last week Ellie and I went to Rocky Creek Farm for a bit. And while we were there, I asked if they had any apples for sale. The girl said she'd check and then came back to say that, yes, they did. For $.50 / lb I could dig through the apple bins outside and pick out whatever I wanted. So, armed with a bag, I headed over to the bins. The apples weren't puny, as most seconds I've seen are. They were nice apples. Some had cosmetic blemishes, but nothing that I could see would affect their flesh. So I picked out some apples.

I picked out 8 lbs of apples, to be exact. They were Jonathan apples, with the exception of one smaller green Jonagold that I decided to add at the last minute. I felt sorry for the little guy.

You see, all of the apples in these bins were going straight to the juicer to be turned into cider. These were the apples who were rejected as firsts, or even seconds. Poor apples.

BUT... when I got home I learned that they were not only decently sized, they were crisp and delicious, too! They were glorious. Even Ellie thought so. So I took my $4 worth of apples and I made a batch of crock pot apple butter for Leif. Then I filled the dehydrator with apple slices for drying. With the apples I had left, I made a homemade apple pie that we ate for dessert last night.

So how do I like them apples? I like them a lot. And now I'm sort of curious to know how the cider at Rocky Creek Farm turned out.

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