Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I need to start a list...

Pretty much all my crafting time lately has gone toward getting ready for the craft fair this weekend. I'm getting close to being ready, but I haven't gotten any of my own scrapping done. In months. So once this craft fair is done, I'm scrapping like there's no tomorrow!!

So I need to write a list of pages that I need done. I'm going to hole up in my craft room with list in hand and my 2ps book of scraps open and I'm just going to do one layout after another until I'm all scrapped out. I've got plenty of pictures to deal with from Ellie's first year and I'd love to finish her first year book one of these days. Maybe I'll have to tackle just the 2006 pictures first. I doubt my happy scrap fest will happen until November (I'm having my own little retreat with a couple friends - no kids, just scrapping for 2 days!) but I DO want to pull out my SPS October kit and participate in the challenge this month. So I've got to do that by Oct 30th and will have to get on that RIGHT after the craft fair.

So... I need to write a list. Because I have GOT to get back to scrapping.

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