Friday, August 18, 2006

Hambly Lust

Okay, so I'm not much of a "product" or "name brand" line person. Nor am I big on overlays. But - WOW - I've fallen for the Hambly stuff. I don't think our LSS carries Hambly. I'll have to check.

I DID create a wishlist at the hambly site, though, in case DH wants to buy me scrapbooking stuff in the future... say, for my birthday in a month?

Anyway- I'm such a cheapskate. I hate it when I fall for a line. My big complaint about overlays is that they're so darn expensive. I just don't see them as worth $2.80 apeice. I'd rather make my own using acetate and rubber stamps. But, alas, these are TOO cool. I don't think I can make them myself. Ergh. And that's why I'll probably buy some. But not until next month. I've spent my crafting budget for this month. Again, ergh. Well, here's to spending next month's scrapbooking budget in my head before next month is even here. Silly, silly me.


Anonymous said...

i bought ONE PIECE of hambly paper (not quite an overlay) last weekend when i found a cute little scrapbook store while i was camping for the weekend. and then i got to my LSS this week AND THEY HAVE THE HAMBLY OVERLAYS. and tomorrow is DOUBLE PUNCH DAY. i think i have to get some, don't you?! - tam

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Jealousy! I have jealousy! Enjoy the overlays for me, okay?