Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another LO


Jaime said...

How did you do your title on this one?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

"the" is a rub-on that I colored over with a brown sharpie, "sweetest" I stamped using brown paint and some foam stamps I got at Walmart, "thing" is spelled using white rub-on letters that I put over some blue paint so they would show up on the background.

I'm a big fan of stamping titles with paint or using rub-ons. They're so versatile and easy. Stamping with paint is really cheap, too!

Jaime said...

Cool! I am a very plain scrapper, but I love the different fonts and textures and such that you use for your titles. I might have to branch out... :-)

I looked up the two peas in a bucket site and liked it! I love having layouts to look at and get inspired by!

Okay, another question, if you don't mind. How exactly do you stitch on your pages? I saw that on the peas website, too.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I usually use a sewing machine to stitch on my pages. You can also hand stitch using embroidery floss or other string/thread. When I hand stitch I like to punch the holes first and then just sew through them so I get the pattern just right.

I'm a big fan of adding texture and dimension to my pages - even if they're simple layouts I like them to have layers or texture.