Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ellie's First Craft Night

Well, Eliana attended her first craft night last night at Michael's. I brought along some knitting to do, since it was a small project to carry and if I didn't get to it it would be okay. She was kind of fussy, so I didn't get too much done on my knitting, but it was nice to go. Leif offered to keep Ellie home so I could just craft, but I wanted Ellie to go. =) She's officially been initiated as a crafter.


Angie said...

I'll bet those other ladies loved having her there...esp if she was showing off those huge smiles!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

She was a little stinker - no smiles, just fussiness. We came home from craft night, though, and she was all smiles again. Silly baby.

Angie said...

I guess she's just going to be a happy homebody. :)