Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peppernut Day!

Today was Peppernut Day! We have one every year, where I make those little German spiced cookies we just can't have Christmas without! Last night Ellie and I made the dough, then I rolled out the logs and stored them in the garage overnight so they could freeze. That's one step that's different now that I live in Montana! But I do like being able to freeze things without clearing out space in the freezer, that's for sure! This year I made one change to the recipe I always use. Because Eliana can't have milk, I substituted coconut milk for the evaporated milk in the recipe - and you can't tell one bit of difference! I am very excited about this substitution for holiday baking. It's so much more fun when Ellie can eat the treats with us! So for now, she can have as many peppernuts as she wants!

Happy Holidays!

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