Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We're spending Christmas Eve day with Leif's family in Roundup. The Christmas festivities have officially begun!! Really, though, the gift giving started earlier this week, with the delivery of homebaked goodies (like the cookies you've been seeing all week!) to our friends. Here's what the finished packages looked like:


The cookies and tags were tied to the handle of the takeout boxes, so when you carry them, they look like this:


The stamps, of course, are PaperTrey Ink stamps. I love them! I think this is the third year I've used them, and I probably will next year, too. They are beautiful! For the labels I used another PaperTrey Ink set and I got to use my newest Martha Stewart border punch. Isn't it glorious? I'm very excited about it, and this is it's debut in my crafting!


The boxes are stuffed with sugar cookies, peppernuts, and hard candies shaped like gingerbread men (and flavored like English Toffee). I had so much fun putting them together! I hope the recipients enjoy them, too!

Happy Christmas Eve to you all!!


Kate said...

Very, very pretty! =)

Susan Beth said...

Those are beautiful! Presentation is something you are so good at! Me, not so much!

Anonymous said...

Yum Yum; Delicious beautiful gifts! Grape jelly from the backyard vineyard - tops- then there's the most colorful frosting meticulously painted gingerbread person complimented by a lovely gingerbread oro studded frosting outlined snowflake and a precious ceramic disc ornament stamped by Eliana...did you have mention of Yummy canned treats surrounding moist pumpkin bread?!!
With love to you from your Montana family; Keep Looking UP!
Thank you!