Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vintage Valentines

Remember these vintage beauties??

Well, they're now for sale at a local scrapbook shop near you!

Well, okay, a local scrapbook shop near you IF you happen to live in Bozeman, MT. ;D

Yes, I now have items (finished items, not kits) available for sale at Keepsakes By Design in Bozeman. There are a few things, from a premade vintage 8x8 album to cards (including these!) to mini albums...

So if you're interested, you know where to get them. =D

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Lea L. said...

First off...your cards are beautiful! Love them!

Second...I just wanted to say hi! I am an avid paper crafter from Montana too...I just happen to live in Missoula!! I Love finding fellow Montana crafters!!

Have a great day,