Saturday, February 28, 2009

A belated valentine...

Before the month of February ends, I ought to at least show you what I did for Valentines this year!

Valentines Treats

I made some heart chocolates (some peanut butter filled, some toffee crunch filled) and some chocolate covered pretzels (pink and white, of course) sprinkled with coarse sugar and tied them up with cute pink and brown polka dotted bows. I love this ribbon! It was clearance ribbon from Martha Stewart Christmas stuff at Kmart, but I thought it was PERFECT for Valentine's Day. Isn't it?? I love it!

Here's a closer look at the Valentine goodies....

Valentines Treats

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Susan Beth said...

Looking back over the past week of posts I can only say "AMAZING!" You've got it going on, that's for sure!