Sunday, February 01, 2009

A moment of silence, please...

... for the passing of yet another craft drought. But the rains have come and guess what I did yesterday??

Yes, I CRAFTED!!! First time in a long time, too!

I didn't actually finish any projects, but the fact that I started working on two is HUGE!! And I'm excited to do more!

We had our DT meeting at KBD yesterday, and I went in with absolutely no ideas, no plans for teaching classes (because, well, it's hard to plan for classes when you have no ideas!), and not much of anything, really, since it has been so long since I've crafted! But there are some changes going on at the store, and I'm really excited about them, which means I've got a new direction to take my projects. And apparently that was all the motivation and inspiration I needed to try something new. So... I did!

When I finish, I'll have pictures, but for now I've just got a new technique (well, new to ME) that I'm playing with.

But for now let's just take a moment of silence. And then, let the crafting begin!


Tamara said...

hip hip hooray!!!i got to play a little bit yesterday, too! wheeeeeeeeee!!! can't wait to see what you're "learning" now. i just made a few layouts and hope to make a few more this week (i have to make up some more of my "layout kits" so i can whip out the pages in no time)!

Susan Beth said...

Yahoo! This is so great! I actually prayed for you when I saw you leave looking a little bewildered. God acts as always!