Tuesday, February 03, 2009



The first thing I worked on when I started crafting again was tags. They're quick, easy, and fun to try new techniques on. My "new" technique? Decoupage!!! I've been having a blast with an old book and a jar of mod podge. It's great! I know it's something pretty much every crafter has done, but I had never done it (at least not like this) before. But KBD is heading the way of the shabby chic, so I am heading, too, and practicing to get my skills up to speed as I go! So here are a couple of the tags I created before I was ready to move up to something bigger. (Don't worry, that 'something bigger' will be in the next post for your viewing pleasure. =D)



(Goodness! Now that Eliana is 2 it's so hard to believe that she was ever that little!)


Tamara said...

sooooooo cute! i love what you've done! i need to go find an old dictionary! too bad i just walked by all the antique stores today! well, there's always tomorrow! i love that you stamped on the tags.

Susan Beth said...

You are a genious!