Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project Life...

I'm pondering doing something like Project Life this year. Not so much buying Becky Higgins' albums / pages, etc, but the same general idea. Basic layouts (or even divided page protectors) that sketch out the year for me with places for journaling cards, etc. Has anyone out there done Project Life? What are your thoughts?

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Tamara said...

i love, love, love, love, love it!
this was my first year and it's fabulous! i bought a 12x12 binder (but need TWO for the year). i did buy BH's pages (60-pack of design A and smaller packs of a few other designs). I also bought the GRID cards from BH (3x4s) and everything else in my album(s) is from my own stash/stuff i've picked up b/c i love it.

even when you get "behind," it's pretty easy to get "caught up" in a night or two (depending on how simple you make it).

i've LOVED this process and plan to do it again next year (already bought my 60-pack of Design A pages)!