Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Christmas Planner

I have not been crafting much lately, but on Sunday afternoon I got together with a couple friends and I made my Christmas cards. I love having them finished! More than that, I love our craft get-togethers. I miss crafting.

And now, having my Christmas cards finished means I am thinking about the next steps to make this holiday season merry and bright. And, well, not only this season, but next year's too. So today while I was piddling around on the computer, here's the cover I made for this year's Christmas Planner.

I'm excited to create printables as the season progresses that I can use year after year. I have used other people's freebie printables for a couple years, but find that the mish-mash doesn't make me nearly as happy as everything matching does. =D So that means creating my own! Click the picture above to download the cover sheet for the planner.

I'm debating doing a Daily December album this year. Part of my problem is that there are 33 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I don't just want to do daily DECEMBER, but a list of the activities between the holidays. So we'll see what happens with that. I'm okay with making it simple this year, but I don't want to lose all documentation. I've been bad about recording things this year or taking pictures, so I don't want that to happen over the holidays, too!

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