Friday, April 30, 2010

Please Pray

A while back I posted about Elizabeth Manley's Apple Pie. Very recently Elizabeth has had some serious medical concerns come up and things are not looking good. Please lift them up in prayer as God works through this situation for His glory.

Elizabeth is married to Jon and they have 4 children. She was 24 weeks pregnant with their 4th child and found out last week that she had lung cancer. Later, tests revealed she had some cancerous spots on her liver as well. Shortly after discovering the cancer, Elizabeth had the cancer in her lung, along with 2 lobes, removed. Several hours later, her fourth child Megan was taken 15 weeks early via c-section when Elizabeth went into cardiac arrest. As a result, she was put on a lung and heart machine. She has now been taken off of that and had a device placed in her chest to assist her heart in the pumping of her blood.

Megan stopped breathing at some point when she was born. However, the doctors quickly got her breathing again and she is now breathing and moving around on her own. She is just over 2 lbs, and seems to be doing fine, now.

Elizabeth is in critical condition and they aren't sure she will live through the night. She was in surgery most of the day and the doctors chose not to close up her chest after the surgery so they could act quickly if they needed access to her heart again. Her kidneys have started shutting down, and family members have started coming in to say their goodbyes. She is 24 and will leave behind a husband and 4 children, ages 5 to newborn, if she does not pull through. Please keep them in your prayers as the Lord works through this situation for His glory. He can heal her if He chooses. Either way, the family needs strength during this time. Thank you for your prayers!

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Prayers are being said!