Saturday, November 01, 2008

Stamped Cookie Tutorial...

Halloween Cookies

I made stamped Jack-O-Lantern cookies for our Halloween party last night and they turned out really cute, so I figured I'd share how it was done. I used the large face pieces from my Spooky Sweets stamp set from PaperTrey Ink.

This was the first time I'd used something other than ink on acrylic stamps, so I wasn't sure how it would work. But it turned out great and I can see all sorts of possibilities for this technique in the future, for birthday parties and baby showers and all sorts of fun events. It's faster than using buttercream frosting to decorate cookies, too, which is a plus. And it's easier on the hands! Here's what I did...

First, make your favorite sugar cookies. Then frost them using a glaze that will dry to a hard shiny finish. The recipe I used is made from powdered sugar, milk, and corn syrup. I pipe a border around the edge of the cookie and then fill it in. Let it set to harden overnight and then stamp the next day. Here are the details on stamping once you have a glazed cookie...

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Stamped Cookie Tutorial

Once you are finished stamping, clean the stamps off with warm soapy water and make sure to get all the corn syrup out of the grooves in the stamp. Dry them off and they're ready to put away for another project!


Jaime said...

What a neat idea! They look great and tasty! :-)

Smellyann said...

What a great idea! Good job!

Mr. P said...

They are incredible! I thought my method was simple, but this is just the best.