Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Layouts

A week ago I got to go to Susan Beth's house for an afternoon of scrapping. I got a few things done and started a couple more. One I'm hoping to submit for publication, but here are two of the layouts I did that I can share...

This picture is from back when Eliana was just 3 months old! We were at my parents' house and I was off doing something. When I came back into the room, this is what I saw... My mom and daughter asleep! It must have been nap time!

And this layout I just love. I wish I could take more credit for it! I got the layout idea from one I saw in a magazine of Susan Beth's and I used it as a sketch. I love the circles! I didn't have too many pictures of Lily to choose from, so this ended up being a good fit for the pictures I did have!

I do have some other layouts I've done, mostly ones I did at the overnight crop at Tamara's house. I haven't photographed them yet, but once I do I'll get them up here! In the meantime, I'm about to submit that layout and then make sure I've got everything ready for my class tonight. Maybe then I'll have a little time to clean up some more down here! The sooner I get another table cleared off the sooner I can post more pictures of my craft room, right?

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Tamara said...

love both of those layouts... i'm eager to see the one you're submitting for publication! :) i really like the designs and combination of photos, titles, embellishments.... you get the idea. and there's no need to show us CLEAN TABLE photos.... i like to see REAL LIFE work spaces, my dear!!!