Wednesday, July 05, 2006

To Do Today....

My parents expect to arrive around 3:00 this afternoon. Prior to their arrival, I need (or want) to accomplish the following things:

1. Move the pile of decorations in the guest room. CHECK
2. Make the 2nd guest bed. CHECK
3. Go to Kenyon Noble and buy a shelf bracket.
4. Reinstall the lowest pantry shelf and relocate the food from the table to the pantry.
5. Empty and refill the dishwasher.
6. Clean the kitchen.
7. Watch Martha Stewart at 1:00.
8. Dust the house.
9. Vacuum the basement rooms. CHECK
10. Clean the craft room (at least the sewing table).
11. Wash, Dry, and put away laundry.
12. Make a batch of rice to go with dinner.
13. Do my hair and makeup.
14. Tidy bedroom.
15. Water plants.
16. Make sure the basement bathroom is clean and has toilet paper. CHECK
17. Tidy and clean the front bathroom.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now. We'll see how much I can accomplish in the next 3 hours. I should have gotten some of this done a long time ago. Yep. Procrastination. Let's see how efficient I can really be.

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