Saturday, July 15, 2006

PBA Marathon

I've been making Paper Bag Albums like CRAZY yesterday and today. It's just too fun! I made up a set for the baby's first year to send to my family since they won't be around to see most of her first year first hand. Then I just had so much fun cutting paper I've got a slew of albums ready to be assembled and stitched. 5 PBA completed and another 7 to be finished. I'm having too much fun. At least it keeps me busy!


Angie said...

I've never heard of'll have to post a picture of them once you've finished. Sounds fun.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

They ARE fun. And they're easy. And they feed my need for cutting paper. =)

Anonymous said...

you're a woman on a mission! holy cow. i've never even made one PBA yet and you've got 17 ready to sew?! you do have too much time on your hands, eh?! :) love ya! - tam