Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Love...

Last Monday night I took a soldering class at our scrapbooking store.


I was giddy! It was so fun!

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This is what we worked on... a 5x7 hanging glass frame. I had so much fun making this project! I'm still not completely finished with it, because I intend to put some words on it, but here's the more or less finished product...

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This is the back side, in case I ever hang it in a window or someplace you can see both sides.

Here's the front:

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It has a funky glare, but you get the idea! It was so fun! Have I said that enough yet???

To make things even better, I came home with my own soldering kit and made my first solo soldered project the next day:

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A little Hambly, an antique bead, and a little glass and solder, and I have a pendant for my neck! The pictures make it kind of hard to see, but here are another couple views to give you an idea!

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This is DEFINITELY my new favorite crafty love!!

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Susan Beth said...

Looks really cool!