Sunday, October 25, 2009

Window Shopping

Do you ever go window shopping online? Add things to your cart, just for the satisfaction of doing so, and see how much your whims would cost you?

I am not feeling well today. So I am window shopping. Who knows, maybe I will buy something but right now, I'm just looking. And it makes me happy. =D

From Ormolu's Etsy shop, I apparently want $53 of stuff. Her shop also makes me inspired to pull out some stamps and make some of my own tags and labels and such. Pretty, pretty things!

From Bake It Pretty, if they were a retail shop and I were walking down the aisles, I would apparently have just over $73 of stuff in my cart. It makes me want to bake!

If I got every stamp set I want from Paper Trey Ink, I'd spend a whopping $459. Wow!! If "I really scale it back to the ones that are on my I really "need" that list, the cost drops to $140. Still, wow! I love their stamps...

From Hambly I have a list of papers and overlays totaling $50.40 that I'd love.

So there you have it. My window shopping for the day. =D It's much later now than when I started making this list, and I'm happy to say that all my money is still in my wallet. =D Success!

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