Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pictures? Really?

The last time I printed pictures was...

... Ellie's 2nd birthday. That was a year ago. Oops. 

That's not good for a scrapbooker, methinks.

So.... I'm uploading and printing pictures at Costco! I'm not printing a year's worth, but I am trying to get as many uploaded as I can so I'll have new pictures to scrap! Mom and I have been working on the craft room and it's coming along nicely. I got my Mary Kay office moved out of the craft room, so now I have that table for just my machines! I'm purging a LOT of stuff, which means I'll be having a garage sale soon! Lots of good stuff, but if I don't love it or use it (or don't have a project I'm planning on using it on in the near future) it's going. So... if you live in the area, stay tuned! I'll be getting rid of some stuff at the end of this month!

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