Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture Frenzy

Well, here I sit, uploading pictures to Costco. Leif and Eliana are sick and sleeping, so I have the house in silence to myself. And you know, as I browse Picasa and upload, I am realizing just how long it has been since I've printed pictures and just how many I have to print! I finally found where I need to start if I want to get caught up on the printing... May 2008! I've printed a few pictures in between there (Eliana's 2-year photos, Halloween, the Christmas wallets we sent out with our cards...), but not much. We are heading into Fall again, which means we will (hopefully) be taking a camping trip or two in Yellowstone, and a drive up the Beartooth Pass to see the colors change in a week or two. That means more pictures. We still need to take Eliana's 3 year pictures, too. All in all, I suppose it's good (even though it's expensive to do in one shot like this!) that I'm printing all of last year's pictures now. That way I'm caught up and I can just focus on scrapbooking them.

Speaking of scrapbooking, perhaps that's what I should be doing while this batch uploads and the house is quiet....

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Tamara said...

our costco only charges 10 cents a print (for 4x6s) when you print 500 or more. so maybe it'll actually save you money to print them all at once?! :) sorry to hear everyone is under the weather... hope you stay healthy!