Monday, August 24, 2009

Crafting again...

Well, my craft room isn't completely put back together, but I have been doing a smidge of crafting again. I cleared out a bunch of stuff, marked almost all of it $0.25 or $0.50 and had a garage sale. I came away with $111.75, which is not bad for stuff I wasn't going to use anyway!

While my mom was here she confirmed that I really DO need to scrapbook. Not for the sake of recording history or remembering things, but for my own sanity. I NEED to scrapbook. It is my outlet. That also means I'm trying to make it a priority, even if that means a layout or two a couple times a week. I was going for a month or more without crafting, and it was dragging me down in every area! So... I have things to show you! As usual, I pulled out a Sweet Pea Scraps kit (SPS, who, btw, are no longer!! I'm sad, but I'll be even sadder in a year when I've used up my backlog of kits since I haven't been crafting this year!) and I'll give you my creations in bits and pieces. It's easier to blog that way... ;)

Sweet Pea Scraps Layouts

This is a picture from when we were in Kansas last month. Yes, I am actually scrapbooking CURRENT pictures! It's crazy! I guess that's what happens when I go and print recent pictures.... Here's a closeup of the detail...

Sweet Pea Scraps Layouts

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Susan Beth said...

Wonderful stuff you are doing, both in this post and the one above. Love it!