Monday, September 01, 2008

Let Her Eat Cake!

This is the layout I did of Eliana's first birthday. You know, the one I made the day before her second birthday just because I couldn't stand the thought of not having it done by the time she turned two? Yeah. The pictures aren't that great because I was tired last night when I was taking the pictures and I didn't want to mess with a decent setup, but it at least gives an idea of what the layout and mini album (which is actually mounted onto the layout) look like. And despite the fact that I didn't print these photos for a year because I was so disappointed in how they turned out, I really like the page and how the whole thing ended up. It's shiny. =D Oh, and it doesn't look nearly as busy in real life, because there are layers and textur to set everything apart. It looks REALLY busy in the picture, but trust me - it looks good in real life!

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