Thursday, September 18, 2008

*GASP* Can it be?!

Really? Is it true? Did I REALLY miss the first episode of MARTHA this season? I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, given that I haven't been able to make MARTHA a regular part of my day for quite a few months now, but there was a time when that would have been unheard of. I've had "September 15" in my head as the season premiere for quite a while now, but somehow it still managed to come and go without my notice. I am sort of saddened by it, and yet I know that it can't be TOO important to me, or I wouldn't have missed it in the first place.

So... I am left pondering the things that have changed and where I am in my life now that I am not receiving daily inspiration from MARTHA. I suppose I will get along somehow, as I have been, but still, it comes as a shock to me.

Now to see if I can watch it online. I really hope I can, too, because I do enjoy it even if 11am is no longer the most convenient time for me. Perhaps she will become my evening crafting buddy as I watch her on the web.

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