Thursday, September 11, 2008

The big picture

Leif got me a wide angle lens for my birthday on the 21st (I know, I know... I'm playing with my birthday present before my birthday, but who can resist?). For some reason I just love that I can stand in a room and take a picture of the WHOLE room in one shot! It makes me giddy.

So.... for the first time ever, here is a FULL picture of my craft room! You can see some of the new arrangement, including the "new" cabinet (that is really about 7 years old and has just been moving with us, unassembled, since we bought it at Ikea in Chicago, back when we lived in Iowa. We finally got it put together!) that forms a nice barrier between the craft room and the rest of the utility room. It's also the place I'm storing my Mary Kay inventory and my Etsy inventory! It's so nice to have a place for these things that Ellie isn't getting into!! You can also see a little more of the larger room, with its peiced-together carpet and exercise equipment. What you can't see behind the camera is a utility sink, and our laundry area. Off to the side just in front of the door you can see in the picture is the storage closet housing my wrapping station! So there you have it... the craft room / utility room tour.

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Angie said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! That's pretty cool