Friday, July 18, 2008

Party Prep!

Today is party prep day!!!

Tomorrow is Eliana's 2 year birthday party, so this morning I baked cupcakes. Mmm! They smell SO good. This afternoon I'll make frosting and frost them. In addition to the cupcakes today I need to:
  • move and fill the swimming pool for the kiddos.
  • hook up and place the giant sprinkler ball.
  • form the rest of the ice cream balls and cover them in sprinkles.
  • put up the gazebo.
  • sweep the deck.
  • wash sippy cups to fill for the kiddos.
  • make bubble solution for the giant bubble wands.
  • put together party favors.
  • make the birthday banner.
I'm sure there are other things I need to do. But this will keep me busy for a bit at least! Especially since I think today is the day we do away with Ellie's naps altogether. She's been fighting us on naps and bedtime and I think maybe it's just time to forego the nap. I don't know if I'm ready for it or not, but we'll see if I can get everything ready while she's up and about! =D

Hope to get some good pictures this year. Last year's were so disappointing I'm hoping we'll make up for it! Especially since Leif just got a new lens for the camera and I know he's itching to try it out!

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