Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pie Crusts

Make pie crusts. Check.

Thanksgiving Preparation Schedule:

Monday -
  • Clean house
  • Thaw pumpkin puree

Tuesday -
  • Make pies
  • Crush pretzels
  • Crush pecans

Wednesday -
  • Thaw turkey
  • Thaw ham
  • Make yambake
  • Make strawberry pretzel salad

Thursday -
  • Make stuffing
  • Make green beans
  • Make potatoes
  • EAT!!


claudine said...

And I am sure that the pie crust is Pate brisee... that is what Martha makes....

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Actually, it is a family recipe. My Aunt Maud always said that the key to a perfect pie crust is to use your hands and no utensils. As far as I can tell, she's right, because these always turn out perfectly flaky and they're just shortening, flour, and water. This is one time that Martha and I disagree.

Anonymous said...

You are just like your mom. Every Thanksgiving I think about her preparing that big meal. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless you always. Aunt Nora

Jaime said...

I love strawberry pretzel salad! Mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

guess you've been SO BUSY cleaning and baking and letting Ellie chew on your fingers that you haven't had the chance to type! Good luck with your HUGE meal (and bless your heart for such an undertaking). Save some leftovers for me! :) - Tam (and I'd love to have your pie crust recipe if you're willing to share...)!