Monday, November 06, 2006


I have had zero motivation to scrapbook lately. None. I finally went down to the craftroom today just to make Thanksgiving invites and even that was sad because I found out my embossing gun is broken. =( Nothing like having to spend craft money on a tool you already have just because it broke. I don't even know what happened to it. It worked before I took it to Texas, and now it doesn't. So... I'm guessing something happened to it while it was in my luggage. Grrr. And unfortunately, it's not a tool I feel like I can live without. I had to use my clothes iron to do the embossing on my Thanksgiving invites. Now THAT takes me back a few years... back to when I started embossing over my toaster and eventually graduated to the iron before getting a bona fide heat embossing tool. Yeah. I'm sad mine died and I'm still not motivated to scrap. Oh mojo.... come back please!

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear it... just give it time... it WILL return. i go through cycles on a regular basis. sometimes a specific project rather than LOs of photos makes it easier to try to "force" or "trick" your mojo into returning. good luck... and i'm sending you some ROCKIN' AWESOME MOJO VIBES!! :) - tam