Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scrapbook Class

I went to my first scrapbooking class last night. I figured if I was going to be teaching them I ought to attend one to see how its done! Now I've got a better idea of what is expected. I also got a couple pages mostly finished. It was fun and I'm looking forward to teaching my own classes. I need to finish making the samples for display at the LSS. We've got an open house coming up in the near future and I need to have the displays done by then. And the schedule is almost finalized, so once it's done I'll post the project sample with the date I'll be teaching. All four of my classes will be in October and November, then I've got one sometime after the new year.

Speaking of crafting, I made some serious progress cleaning my craft room yesterday. Woohoo! It's really nice to have space to craft again. I'm not completely finished, but I'm getting closer. This week is pretty heavy in the crafting department. Monday I had craft night here, last night the scrapbooking class, and tomorrow I've got a crop at the LSS from 6-midnight. I don't know that I'll stay the whole time, but I'm looking forward to a block of time to work on some layouts and projects I need to get done. I need to do my MIM challenge LO (*gasp* I haven't done it yet... bad me.), finish the 2 LO and minibook for the LSS, and figure out what I need for the 3 baby pages and box and card classes. I'd also like to finish the LO from last night's class. (eta - I just spent some time in the good ol' craft room and am pleased to say that the LO from last night's class are finished, scanned, stitched, and should be posted at the top of this post!)

So... that's what the near future looks like. Oh, and my in-laws will be here Friday night to Saturday. Next week looks a lot less busy.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THOSE LOs!! The first one - I love the series of photos, the LO/placement of photos, the LOTS of journaling and all the little swirls and flourishes (did you doodle those all yourself?)! On the second LO I love the strips of journaling, the strips of cardstock... yep... so much fun!

so tell me more about TEACHING. i didn't realize you were teaching so many times?! are you teaching the same class a few times? i wish i could sit in there to encourage you! :)

- tam

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I'm teaching four different classes once each in the next couple months. One will be a circle mini book (not unlike the one I posted here), one will be the scrapbox and a flip card - both Christmas themed, one will be 3 one-page LO baby themed with fun titling ("cute as a button", "when you wish upon a star", and "boppy baby"), and one will be 2 LO (a one-page and a two-page) fall themed interactive LO. Once I have the samples done I'll post them here.

dana said...

as you're planning for your classes can you send a little email with the directions for the scrapbox? thanx!!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Dana... I haven't forgotten, really! I've got it about half writen out. It's pretty hard to put into words! But I will send it, I promise. =)