Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun things

So there are some pretty cool baby products out there. Like Splash, the bottle dryer from Skip Hop. It really does look like a splash, and I think that's neat. Doesn't really match anything we've got in our house... a little too contemporary, but it's sort of fun, you've got to admit.

Skip hop also has the Pronto mini-changer. We have something similar, but this seems like an all-too-useful item. And honestly, it might go on the must-have list for any parents of infants.

And there are other fun things going on in the lighting department. Like this "broken" lightbulb. Sneaky design and pretty cool.

The same company does this floor lamp - the light runs up the center and the plastic casing is illuminated to give its shape.

And Heath Nash makes these amazing lights (and many others) out of recycled plastics. Check out the variety of lamps at the link. Very, very cool. I want to try making one myself. I've made a lamp before, so at least I've got a smidgen of experience behind me as I play...

Speaking of playing, check out these AMAZING gingerbread houses! Apparently they have gingerbread houses on display in Seattle every year. Wow. Almost makes a 12 hour trip to Seattle worth it just to see them. I aspire to someday make a gingerbread house. But I might have to work my way up to get to these!

And for those of you who aren't satisfied eating the store-bought Twinkies and need to make your own from scratch... (you crazies, you!)... here's a kit you can buy to do just that! Okay, I admit... I think it's cool and I would make my own twinkies if I owned this set. I confess my insanity.

But if you're SUPER crazy, make your own ginger ale. And though my gardening skills leave much to be desired, it would be fun to grow veggies with faces on them. Weird, but fun.

Okay... that's all we have time for on this week's fun things. Stay tuned as I find more fun things and post them later. Bye bye!

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