Thursday, June 22, 2006

This week's goal

By Monday (which is craft night again - hope to work on those baby announcements... me and my sewing machine) my goal is to have the craft room cleaned up and ready for some serious crafting. I'd like to start out with 3 clean tables, everything in its place, and (hopefully) trash emptied and floor vacuumed. I haven't been down there much at all, with my scrapbooking goal finished, but I did do a LO yesterday and I would like to do another in the near future. I need to update my pregnancy album (yikes - 3 months behind!) and purge some of my supplies - either use them or lose them. On the plus side, it's been nice not to feel the pressure to be down there every minute to accomplish my goal. But now I need to start setting new goals. Goals keep me going. And these days, with as much effort as it takes just to move my round, 9-month pregnant body to the craft room in the basement, I need as much motivation as I can get.

So, Craft Room, here I come! You will be clean and sparkly in a week!

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