Thursday, June 22, 2006


My latest creative endeavor (though my husband had to implement most of it, I have to admit) has been putting in a perennial flower garden in our back yard, off the deck. We had 5 rose bushes out there already, so we decided to expand the area to put in a cut flower garden. Leif built steps and put in some stepping stones. We also planted another rose bush, a poppy plant, daisy plant, Lewisia, and two lupines. I was so pleased to find that one of the poppies had bloomed this morning! It's beautiful!

I also planted some vegetables - tomatoes and peppers. And last night a friend gave us a couple strawberry plants (yay!!) and some white flowering ground cover, so those will be added to the garden this evening, hopefully. I've never been much for gardening, but have wanted some vegetables, strawberries, and flowers for some time. I've had an iris bed for a few years and it seems to be doing well, so I'm trying my hand at something else.


Anonymous said...

beautiful! i'm eatin' some DELICIOUS and RIPE and FRESH strawberries here right now. ummmm. I LOVE strawberry season! wish i could be there with you - maybe we could motivate each other to craft.... haven't done much of it in awhile myself, though i've been reallly good at shopping lately! :) - tam

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Mmmm! Strawberries... I just bought some today, though they're undoubtedly not as fresh as yours. =)Would be nice to have a partner in crafting... maybe that would motivate me!