Thursday, May 07, 2009

Would you believe it??

Amazing, I know, but I am actually updating My Inner Martha! That in itself is shocking, I am sure, after all but a month's absence, but here's the real kicker... I have scrapbooking pages to show for my absence!


I know. It's been so long. I actually got down to the craft room for National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday and I got about 10 layouts done. It has seriously been a couple months since I scrapped, I think. And, sadly, it will probably be a while before I get to it again, so I will spread the layouts over a few posts. =D If you're really lucky I'll even remember to schedule them so I don't have to remember to post them regularly for you. ;D

So... the first one I will post is one of my favorites from the weekend. I have been putting off scrapping my pictures from Eliana's labor. But I just felt like these went together and I liked it, so I went for it! Do you ever have a hard time scrapping pictures from an event because it was such a special event or such a special picture that you just want to do it justice? That's pretty much how I am with Ellie's birth pictures. I've scrapped a couple, but it is hard for me! So this was big. But I like it!! Here you go...

Labor Day


Tamara said...

i can TOTALLY relate regarding "delaying" scrapping certain photos b/c they're too special and you need the layout to be "just right." as for this layout, i LOVE the color combination and the mixing of the patterns. great work for something so important to you! hopefully you'll get to scrap in less than a month (when you come to visit)!

Susan Beth said...

Oh my! YOu made a alot of really great pages! Love them all!

jnjsumner said...

this is a beautiful page! i love the colors and you look gorgeous as a mom to be!