Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun Magnets!

I've seen lots of people making cute glass gem magnets on etsy. So I started making some too, just for fun. But then my magnets weren't cooperating with the not-perfectly-circular gems, so I went back to making my ribbon flowers and came up with a whole new idea - Flower Magnets!! So I've been having fun making these cute magnets and packaging them up for etsy and my upcoming craft fair.

And I promise... one of these days I will post something without talking about etsy. I promise.


Dana said...

WAY cute! where do you get the silk flowers, do you just take apart ones from the craft store or do you use those fancy smancy ones from the scrapbook store?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Both! I sort of collect flowers wherever I find ones I really like, then just use whichever I feel like.

These are "fancy schmancy" ones from the LSS, but the chartreuse ones are pulled apart silk flowers.

Jaime said...

Cute and different! I like them! Thanks for the link to my magnets, too. :-)

I hope your craft fair goes great! I can't wait to hear all about it!