Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Spring Banner

A new fiber, paper, and metal mercantile opened up today in Bozeman... Simply Fresh Arts! I'm excited about it! The owners are 3 of my friends, so I was up there taking a peek and giving a small hand last Thursday when I was inspired by all the beautiful products. Lots of vintage, lots of shabby chic, lots of fun! I came home and made this over the weekend:

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The illustrations are from a book I have from the 1890's, the gems are from a necklace that was my grandmother's, the flowers made from another vintage book and hymnal... I'd been wanting to mix crochet with paper art, so I gave it a try on this project and I like it! I took it to the store today to show Kristii, since I'd been telling her about it, and there it remains, hanging on display by all the Prima goodness. Ha ha! I think it will become a class, and I'm actually excited about teaching some projects again, especially if they are as fun as this one was! Here are a couple closeups:

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These illustrations crack me up, because they have such funny captions for seemingly normal pictures. The one of the boy says, "The most popular boy in the deaf school." The one of the two little girls says, "He kept pointing toward the fields." They all have pretty funny captions. Gotta love vintage!

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Kristii said...

love, love, love this!!!! So totally vintage!!! Such an awesome creation my friend!!!! Thank you for your help with the store and thank you for leaving this amazing eye candy for all to see!!!