Sunday, October 26, 2008

Accordion Album Love...

I sort of find it amusing that the items I love the most in my Etsy shop are rarely the ones that sell. What does that say about me? Take this one for example...

Butterfly Accordion Album

This might be my all time favorite accordion album tin. Butterflies. Velvet ric-rack. Acetate galore. Pockets for notes or pictures... I love it! But the listing will expire in a week and it will go homeless, unloved. What's up with that?

Butterfly Accordion Album

Do I just tend to like and make things that are difficult to accurately photograph? Does it really just look that much better in person that I fell in love with it and can't convey what it looks like through pictures? Do people just not know what to do with accordion albums? I guess if this one goes unloved I'll have to fill it with my own pictures (provided I ever find the time!) so people can see what you do with them. And so I can finally be a good mom and carry pictures of my daughter with me!! Someone asked what she looked like this week and all I had was a lousy cell phone picture. I really need to carry pictures of her!

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