Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Circle Journal

I am going to do a circle journal group this winter/spring. It's been on my list of things to do and I've never done one, so I think it will be fun. And I'll get one more thing on my "to do before I die" list checked off.

Now, for a theme. This is where you guys come in. I need some help deciding, so please add a comment to vote for the theme you think I should choose!

1) The five senses (you know - taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing)
2) Favorite games
3) My purse (what people would learn about you if they went through the contents of your purse)

OR - does anyone have any other awesome circle journal theme they wouldn't mind me stealing?

I'd like to get this nailed down asap, so vote already!


claudine said...

My vote is the 5 senses. But I may be selfish since I am part of the CJ :)

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Well, then maybe your vote counts as two since you'll have to actually do something with it! =)

Michelle said...

Michelle here...also part of the CJ. :-) I just saw your e-mail and when I saw your theme I thought, "Cool!" I actually really like ALL of your theme ideas so if Andrea does a round three, you're already set!

andrea said...

you picked the best one, although that purse idea is pretty awesome!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Maybe round 3.... =) (wait... perhaps I should make it through round 2 first.)